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All of my life, dance, movement and sports have played an integral part in my health and happiness. From sports to dance, my parents enrolled me in leagues and classes from a young age. It was in college where I really discovered my passion for formal fitness while training for a role in Theatre. 10 years and 75 pounds later, I have continued to expand and broaden my physical pursuits, becoming a certified group fitness instructor in formats of Zumba, MixxedFit and Step Aerobics. Also In College, I trained in Modern, Contemporary and Hip-hop Dance and Weight Lifting Technique. After college, I became a runner, completing five half-marathons and over a dozen 5ks. 


These last three years, I've been training as a CrossFit Athlete while incorporating a number of other disciplines including Yoga, HIIT, Kickboxing, Spin and regular Dance Classes. CrossFit builds strength and stamina, Yoga encourages mindfulness and flexibility, HIIT burns calories and boosts endurance, Kickboxing helps me release tension, Spin pushes me to new heights and Dance Class brings me joy. I also love to be in the great outdoors - including hikes and beach volleyball. For me, physical activities are synonymous with joy. I'm a very physical being and sharing my joy for fitness and movement is a major motivator in my life.

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